DMINC is Delfina Mincarelli

“If we are willing to move boulders … We can even change the course of rivers”


If we were to imagine a new kind of painting, in which classical elements are harmoniously blended with ultra-modern components, we can not fail to consider the work of Dminc.
Dminc is a mould breaker, able to bring together on her canvases, several centuries of the history of painting,  passed and future. Standing in the middle of the this timeless space, she gives us “what was” covered by “what will be”. Dminc is the painter of  movement, of beating and flowing life, she is able  to  draw  yesterday to prepare tomorrow, knowing that she only has the here and now to do so. She knows that the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago … but she also knows that the second best time is now. And she plants it,  to have no regret in twenty year’s time of not giving a chance to a tree to live, grow, give green, colors, flowers and fruits.

Dminc is  the inventor of herself, self-taught, in her journey so far, she has always raised herself one more than those she fell. She will never bother anyone with curricula full of certificates, degrees, courses and masters, but she will always gladden everybody with her paintings. Paintings, which are not only made with oil, acrylic, pastes, etc., but also with life experiences, moments, events, that the artist first experienced , then wished to share. And to do this, we do not need schools, it is life that teaches how to …
Or … maybe not, maybe she went to school too, if we can call “school”  the great museums around the world where , lonely, she spent hours and hours of her time, trying to learn from the only people who would be entitled to be called “Masters”.
It doesn’t matter how important or big those moments that the artist puts on her canvases are, the result is always  the same: something living, something real, something unique.
Standing in front  of  Dminc’s paintings, is  standing in front of Dminc … or maybe not … Dminc, as a human being, could  lie … her paintings  never…
They are always  the original version of themselves, never a bad copy of others…

Her continuous  going to the border, and often beyond, means that her work  is always  cutting- edge, but above all, never trivial or already seen. Each of her  paintings is the son of the former and father of the next.
In each work, the artist is able to go beyond herself,  offering constantly something new.
Indeed, it  could not be otherwise: when you paint first with the heart, and then with a brush, you do nothing but sharing  fragments of your soul with the public. And the soul of an artist, you know, is never conventional.
And from  this exceptional inwardness,  her more than one hundred works come to life, in which the painter touches a variety subjects, which though different, are linked to each other always with the same theme: that of creativity.
 No matter if Dminc can be categorized as the painter of Eros, or of Beauty, of Love, of Sea, of Roses, of Water Lilies, of Universe, of Eastern calm and Western craving altogether: what matters is that whoever  stands  in front of her work, he can not remain indifferent, but looking straight at the canvas, and hence  the spirit of the artist, feels the most complete range of positive emotions that the human mind can conceive.
To each their own, the painter does not impose anything, but always leaves the freedom to interpret and then to feel. Is there anything better than an artwork that can explore this path? I do not think so… the path of “free”  emotions is the prerogative of the true artist, the one who always gives his own best to his own art, without ever asking for anything in return.
Dminc once said, “Giving just  a little less than one’s own best,  means sacrificing  one’s  gift.”
That’s why her works are finished off as if they were precious oriental fabrics, enhanced  with golden dust and wires,  embellished with swarovski crystals and shells, decorated with hundreds, if not thousands of small details, which united, lose their original size to acquire a new one: that of greatness. And “great”,  is the most appropriate adjective with which we can describe her work, but even more so, her spirit.

What happens when a drop of water falls into the ocean or a grain of dust on the earth?
The drop of water is no longer  a drop of water, but the entire ocean … the grain of dust is no longer a grain of dust, but the whole earth … This is a painting of Dminc: many drops of water and many grains of dust … but we  only see the ocean and the whole earth.  That is because the artist is able to amalgamate everything to perfection, that if only one detail would be put out of position … the same detail would go back to being a mere drop of water …

Looking at a canvas of Dminc means sweeping through  a universe where every brushstroke, every detail, every nuance of color is equivalent to a planet. In a planet there’s a lot to live, explore, taste … but in her works, of course, there is no less …

If it is true that each person is sent on this Earth on a mission,  Dminc’s  can only be one and one only:  at a time when people want to shock  at all costs with the “ugly” and the “negative,” she wants to show everyone that the “beautiful” and the “positive” still exist, and that they can fulfill the eyes, minds and hearts, more than everything else.



2017: August, Two Artists Show at Milano Style Art in Milan
2017: July, Solo Show at Milano Style Art in Milan
2017: May, Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong
2017: April, Affordable Art Fair Singapore
2017: February, Art Palm Springs
2017: February, Affordable Art Fair Milan
2016: November – January 2017, Group Show at Mark Rothko Museum in Daugavpils, Latvia
2016: October, Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam
2016: September, Solo Show at Galleria La Telaccia in Turin
2016: September 7th Montecarlo Biennale
2016: August – September, Group Show at MoCA Beijing
2016: June, Art Hamptons in Bridgehampton, New York
2016: March, Affordable Art Fair Milan
2016: February, Group Show at Space in Arts Gallery in New York
2016: February, Affordable Art Fair  Bruxelles
2016: February, Art3F in Paris
2016: January, Innsbruck Art Fair
2016: January – December, permanent Group Show at Artblend Gallery in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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2015: November, Edinburgh Art Fair
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2015: October, X Florence Biennale
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2014: October, Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong
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2013: January, Group show at A. Jain Marunouchi Gallery in New York
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2012: January, Solo show at Art White Night in Bologna
2011: October, Solo show at Palazzo Pallavicini in Bologna
2009: Participation to the sixth edition of “Whishes on heels” competition in San Mauro Pascoli
2007: Solo show at private collectors in Montecarlo
2006: Solo show at private collectors in Geneva