DMINC is Delfina Mincarelli

“If we are willing to move boulders … We can even change the course of rivers”

Dminc is an Italian-Swiss painter and sculptress, born in Lausanne  and currently living and working in Milan, where she placed her Atelier in the very heart of the Fashion District: Via Della Spiga. A prestigious location in which  art meets Fashion and Fashion is inspired by Art.
The painter was born into a cosmopolitan-oriented and art-loving family, and since very young she showed a great interest in everything was linked to art. Her great-grandfather was ambassador in Japan, what had raised an early enthusiasm in the artist for Far Eastern Art, culture and lifestyle with his gifts and stories.
She spent her childhood in Frascati, in the countryside around Rome, before moving to Montecarlo when she was eleven. In the Principality she began her French-International education which continued also after her transfer to Geneva, in the French Switzerland, when she was sixteen.
Here, after graduating at Geneva International High School, she started to have an interest in fashion, and logically, she began to study fashion design. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Geneva for one year where she specialized mainly in nudes.
In this period, Dminc is absolutely fascinated by the classical ideals of beauty of the Greeks and Romans, alongside the Italian painters and sculptors of the Renaissance period. Under the guidance of her teacher Catherine Bourlet, Dminc focused for two years on drawing and painting, a mainly technical training, in which she aimed to improve her skills and learn new techniques in the field of figurative.
Despite being a model student any kind of course she attended, Dminc kept believing that more important than the academic study of art, was the accurate study of ancient and modern masters.
Trying to explore the secrets of their paintings, she initiated to search museums and art collections throughout Europe, discovering her mentor Gustav Klimt. She was enchanted by his work not only by his magical luminosity of the colors, including his golden tones, but also by the application of new techniques and stylistic devices and the consequent acquisition of his own unmistakable style beyond fashion and time trends. What she aimed to reach during all her career and still doing….
Besides Klimt, her attention focused on Egon Schiele, Ferdinand Hodler, Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh, Auguste Rodin, Camille Claudel and Marc Chagall Hiroshinge and Hokusai. Each of these great masters inspired her and it is very easy to find their references in her compositions.
In Geneve she met the already very popular painter Archiguille, who become a friend of her and above all a very valuable advisor, and Krbec, a Swiss painter, with whom she shared her passion for figurative paintings.
Dminc started her pictorial production during her Swiss period, using Altair as her name as an artist.
She married twice and was mother three times, but she never stopped to realize paintings, which were mainly depicting figures, such as nudes, flowers, bonsais and mountains, having been strongly inspired by the Swiss painter Hodler. After her second marriage, she decided to change her name as an artist, from Altair to De Preux, her husband’s last name.
In 2004, after nearly twenty-five years spent in Switzerland, she wanted to come back in Italy. The recall of the vivid colors, the reminiscence of her happy childhood lived in contact with nature between countryside and hills, and above all, the memories of all the Italian artistic heritage were convincing reasons to make her leave Geneva and move to Bologna. the first thing she did after setting down was changing again her name. She chose to shorten her real name picking the initial of her first name and joining it with the first part of her last name: so Dminc was born…
In 2011, she opened her atelier/showroom, a marvelous space inside Palazzo Pallavicini, an historical Italian building, where she created her artworks and displayed them in a permanent exhibition.
Until then Dminc had been a very talented artist, but her artworks had obtained resonance and consensus just in Italy or Switzerland.
But the story was about to change.
Indeed, in 2012, she developed a new pictorial style, in which classical oil or acrylic colors were blended with modern components mainly coming from fashion, her first love. So, she employed, in the new realizations, jewels resins, swarovski crystals, any sort of dresses decoration items, paillettes, glitters, fine powders, but also any kind of object which attracted her attention. Looking the compositions of hers of this period, we can discover for example shells, bolts, rubber, pot lids, parts of motorcycle engine, electric saw blades, dollars coins, military medals, kitchen and bathroom accessories and even cartridge cases. But of course, this is just a short list!
She changed the subjects of her paintings switching from figurative to abstract. But if we defined these body of artworks totally abstract, we would be wrong. In fact Dminc created a “Figurative Abstractionism”, in which, starting from real world themes, she reworked them, throughout her creative process, to present the same ideas in a very innovative way, outside the rules of physics and even of nature itself, from which she draws, to reach a fantastic world, in which real is given as unreal.
Her favorite topics for her new pictorial productions are the sea, the universe, the flowers, especially roses, orchids and water lilies, the snow with its unbelievable crystals, and the dreams.
In a digital era like ours, it took very short to her to be known outside the national borders. At mid-year, in fact she was called to exhibit her work, for the first time in New York by a local Gallery, and since then, she attended countless expositions in Art Galleries and Art Fairs in New York, as well as Los Angeles and Miami, but also outside the United States, in the major Europeans cities, in the Middle Est (Dubai) as well as in the Far East (Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong).
In 2014, she was awarded by her first International Solo Show, in the very heart of Chelsea, the popular New York Art District.
Next year, she begun to plan “painting-installation”, realizing artworks in which the presence of any type of objects became more and more massive.
Her masterpiece of this new trend certainly is “The Expendable” a three meters canvas, inspired by the homonymous Hollywood movie.
In 2016, her evolution of an artist in the middle between painting and installation, increased more and more, leading her to produce her first sculptures, in the most classic sense of the word. And who know what will be next step!
Alhtough she still is a young artist, she can already claim two museum exhibitions, at MoCA of Beijing and at Mark Rothko Museum in Riga, Latvia.



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2018: October, Solo Show at Milano style Art in Milan
2018: May, PaviArt
2018: April, Group Show at Milano Style Art in Milan
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2012: January, Solo show at Art White Night in Bologna
2011: October, Solo show at Palazzo Pallavicini in Bologna
2009: Participation to the sixth edition of “Whishes on heels” competition in San Mauro Pascoli
2007: Solo show at private collectors in Montecarlo
2006: Solo show at private collectors in Geneva